The goal of EO-LAB is to increase societal impact in order to contribute to a more sustainable European orchestra sector.

For ages, symphony orchestras have been relevant to society, by (through music) bringing joy, comfort, new visions, critical thoughts, or entertainment to royal and clerical rulers as well as to ordinary civilians. The societal impact of today’s European Symphony orchestras – who are specialists in fostering, (re)distributing and enlarging the heritage of 4 centuries of classical music -  has diminished over the last decades.  It is the strong belief of the symphony orchestras partcipating in the European Orchestra Laboratory, that the societal relevance and the contribution to quality of life of (symphonic) classical music can be brought back and enlarged by (re)involvement and (re)engagement of lost and new audiences. As a result of being relevant to larger parts of society, the European orchestral sector will become more sustainable.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information, to join our research or if you have any questions. You can can reach The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra by mail: or by phone +31 53 4878700.